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Fire Rated Doors

Commercial Fire Rated Doors

No matter what safety procedures are in place, the owners and managers of commercial buildings always have to be prepared for the possibility of a fire. Most people, when thinking of fire safety, visualize sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems. While these elements are important, so are the doors that are used within the building.

Fire rated doors are designed to reduce the spread of flames and smoke between different parts of the building. This reduces the risk of injury from fire or smoke inhalation, it allows people to safely escape from the building, and it helps firefighters in their efforts.

The Door Repair Company takes fire safety seriously. We pay close attention to detail, to ensure that all parts of the door comply with fire safety regulations. This includes the door frame, seal, hardware such as hinges and handles, as well as the door itself. Our installations are thoroughly inspected, and the fire rating label is placed on all components of the door, so that your employees, residents or guests can be assured of their safety.

Many people think that fire doors are industrial in design, but the doors in your building can be fire rated and still look attractive. Whether you need fire rated doors in a restaurant or hotel, a retail store, an office building or a hospital, we offer a wide variety of designs, sizes and compositions. Whether we install a door made of fibreglass, wood, steel or any other material, you can be assured of quality and durability.

Call us today so that we can help you find the right fire rated door for your commercial building. We offer free estimates along with quality guarantees and affordable prices.

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