Door lock types

//Door lock types

Door lock types

Moving to a new house or replacing a door can require a lock change or installation. For staying safe in your home it’s best to choose good quality locks. Today, there is a large variety of door lock types. We will take a look at the most popular ones.

When choosing a door lock, you need to decide which level of security you are looking for and how much you want to pay. Theses days there are many choices of locks and security levels at a variety of prices so you can choose a door lock that will correspond to the majority of your requirements.

Among the assortment and diversity of door lock types there are deadbolts, rim, euro profile and knob which are the most common.


Usually, this kind of lock is installed on the front door, your first line of defense. Sturdy and hard to open with many security levels available to choose from.


This kind of locks is mostly used for residential and  commercial doors. But it doesn’t provide a high level of security, that’s why it is better to use it for the internal door.

Euro profile

These type of locks are used mostly for sliding and double doors and their unique construction makes them easy to replace and a solid security option.


Interior and exterior doors can use knob locks. However, many different types and factors involved. Deadbolts are a higher security and are best used in conjunction with  door knob locks on exterior doors. Otherwise, for interior doors knob locks work well.


Decision making, in regards to the security of your family, property and personal belongings, starts at the front door. Have a certified locksmith advise on the best type of locks and locking systems to protect your property and valuables.  Our professional locksmith technicians can repair or replace your locks. Call us at 1-866-323-9004 for excellent service!

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