Exterior door trends 2016

//Exterior door trends 2016

Exterior door trends 2016

It is not a secret that every homeowner wants to make their house the most beautiful. Today we have many options to choose from. A variety of  choices ranging from the most simplistic to the very extravagant. The exterior door to your home should be something special. It is the first thing your guests see. We all want to make the first impression the best possible. Trends are changing very fast. People like to be different, nobody wants to wear the same clothes, drive the same car, or have the same house. We all pay attention to something extraordinary. We can often see similar houses with a totally different decor.


To help you to keep up with the times we offer Exterior Door Trends 2016.

Bright colors

The first step to start and make your house shine, is to choose some bright colors. Gone are the white and brown doors of the past. Today, bold colors are very popular and affect our mood. Try to choose colors that make you feel well and safe. Light yellow, minty or light green or orange will promote a great mood and will go well with energetic people. However, it can make some inconveniences in winter (these doors can become dirtier more often than the darker tints), so choice of door material or paint can be of the most importance.

Size matters

Nowadays, the big door trend is becoming more wide-spread with French doors and larger single doors available. A big and bright door will definitely catch some eyes. Don’t hesitate to experiment. But you shouldn’t forget about the harmony of your decor. If your house is not too big, a huge door will look odd. So keep the proportions correct.


Certainly, you should see the harmony in your house. Choose an appropriate door color, door size, shape or model and door lock. Fashion comes and goes, but style remains. If you want your exterior door to last for a long period of time, you should pay attention to all aspects of size, colour and type combined.

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