Garage Door Repair Tips

//Garage Door Repair Tips

Garage Door Repair Tips

If your garage door is not opening properly, not staying open, or making loud noises, you may be able to troubleshoot your garage door repair with a few simple tips and tricks. Before you head out to pick out a new garage door and worry about assembling it yourself, there are a few quick maintenance and repair tips you can try.

Examine the Tracks & Rollers

If your garage door is not opening or closing properly or smoothly there may be a problem with the tracks or rollers. First, you want to inspect them, and if they are dirty then clean them with a brush and add some lubricant. You can use a heavy-duty household cleaner and brush to scrub the tracks and rollers. Wipe them both dry before adding lubricant.

Frozen Garage Door

Your garage door can and will freeze to the floor, especially during extremely cold and rainy months. Once you’ve tried the opener a couple of times and the door doesn’t move, it’s time for a different solution. Avoid continuously trying the opener as you can cause damage or burn out the motor. Instead, assess the situation and see if you can scrape the ice off, use a heat gun or hair dryer, or simply pour some hot water on it. Once the door is open, clear the water, ice and snow from the entire area where the garage door rests on the floor.

Garage Door Openers

It’s incredible how much we rely on our garage door openers, and it can seem like they stop working on a rainy day. Before you toss yours out and buy a new one, there are a few things you can do to get it working again. First, test the batteries, and if they are no longer working, try replacing them. If that doesn’t work, carefully take the opener apart to reveal the control board. Use canned air or another method to gently dust the control board, removing any dust or debris that may be there. Inspect the control board to ensure nothing is bent, broken, or damaged. Put it back together and see if it works.

Check for Loosened Hardware

If your garage door is making noise or slacking, it may be a problem with the hardware coming loose. Use a screwdriver to check all the screws and bolts and tighten as needed. If you have a swing-up door, check the spring mount to make sure it is tight. If you have a roll-up door, check each of the panels and hinges to ensure they are tight.

If your garage door needs a little maintenance, don’t fret. You can use these quick tips to inspect and maintain your garage door.

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