Home Safety Tips While Traveling

//Home Safety Tips While Traveling

Home Safety Tips While Traveling

Traveling can be fun, relaxing and exhilarating, but it can also put your home at risk. While you are away, enjoying your time, you want the peace of mind that your home will be completely safe.

When it’s time for your next vacation, look around your house. Will it be safe while you are away? It’s important to take some key steps to ensure that your house is a safe space for you and your family whether you are home or away.

Five Steps to Home Safety While Traveling

Step 1: Evaluate Your Home Security

A locksmith technician can visit your home and evaluate the security grade of your locks. They can suggest any changes or improvements for your overall safety.

Step 2: Someone’s Always Home

Putting your lights on a timer and having a neighbour pick up your mail are some simple steps to making your home appear live in. A home filled with people is less desirable to thieves and criminals.

Step 3: Don’t Advertise Travel Plans

You may be excited about going away, but don’t post any travel plans on Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform. You don’t want the friendly criminals to know that you’re going to be away.

Step 4: Lock Your Garage Door

Keep your home as safe and secure as possible. If you have direct access to your house from your garage, lock that door. For added protection, you may also want to lock your garage.

Step 5: Remove Your Spare Key

That plastic rock isn’t fooling anyone. So reach into the mailbox, under the mat, or above the door frame and remove your spare key. You don’t want anyone getting a hold of your house key while you are away.

Keeping your doors locked, your travel plans private and making your home appear lived in are some simple ways to keep your home and your treasured valuables safe while you are away.

If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your house, the technicians at Services are always here to help. Call us anytime at 1-866-323-9004.

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